Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scholarly Editions and Translations (NEH)

NEH Scholarly Editions and Translations grants support the preparation of editions and translations of pre-existing texts and documents that are currently inaccessible or available in inadequate editions. Projects must be undertaken by a team of at least one editor or translator and one other staff member.

Amount: $100,000/year for up to 3 years

Due: October 29, 2009

Grants typically support editions and translations of significant literary, philosophical, and historical materials, but other types of work, such as musical notation, are also eligible. Applicants should demonstrate familiarity with the best practices recommended by the Association for Documentary Editing or the Modern Language Association Committee on Scholarly Editions. Translation projects should also explain the approach adopted for the particular work to be translated. Editions and translations produced with NEH support contain scholarly and critical apparatus appropriate to the subject matter and format of the edition. This usually means introductions and annotations that provide essential information about the form, transmission, and historical and intellectual context of the texts and documents involved. Proposals for editions of foreign language materials in the original language are eligible for funding, as well as proposals for editions of translated materials.

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Collaborative Research (NEH)

NEH Collaborative Research Grants support original research undertaken by a team of two or more scholars or research coordinated by an individual scholar that, because of its scope or complexity, requires additional staff and resources beyond the individual’s salary.

Amount: $100,000/year for 3 years

Due: October 29, 2009

Eligible projects include: research that significantly adds to knowledge and understanding in the humanities; conferences on topics of major importance in the humanities that will benefit ongoing research; archaeological projects that include the interpretation and communication of results (projects may encompass excavation, materials analysis, laboratory work, field reports, and preparation of interpretive monographs); and research that uses the knowledge, methods, and perspectives of the humanities to enhance understanding of science, technology, medicine, and the social sciences. These grants support full-time or part-time activities for periods of one to three years. Support is available for various combinations of scholars, consultants, and research assistants; project-related travel; field work; applications of information technology; and technical support and services. All grantees are expected to communicate the results of their work to the appropriate scholarly and public audiences.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

German Studies Seminar (Fulbright)

The German Studies Seminar program is designed for U.S. scholars in German studies and disciplines related to the seminar topic. Applications are welcome from U.S. university, college, and community college scholars. The seminar in 2010 will be conducted in English.

Amount: The award includes round-trip air travel; travel within Germany; lodging and partial per diem; and health insurance coverage (for the duration of the seminar).

Due: November 1, 2009

The two-week seminar covers wide areas of contemporary Germany with program portions in Berlin and other cities in eastern and western Germany. Each year the seminar is dedicated to a special topic. Past topics included: Urban Planning in Germany; International Migration and National Identities; Challenges of Demographics; Muslim Minorities; Germany in a Changing Europe. The German Studies Seminar 2009 dealt with: "Germany´s Future: New Parties – New Solutions".

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