Monday, September 14, 2009

French Authors on Tour (Cultural Services of the French Embassy)

The Book Department of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy offers financial aid to American institutions wishing to invite and host French authors for readings, signings, and symposia.

Amount: Varies

Date due: Varies

For a list of available authors and for more information, click here.

Sabbatical Fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Sabbatical Fellowships program is open to mid-career faculty of universities and 4-year colleges in the United States who have been granted a sabbatical/research leave, but for whom financial support from the home institution is available for only part of the year. Candidates must not have had financially supported leave at any time subsequent to September 1, 2007. The total of institutional and external support should not exceed the academic year salary for the year in which the fellowship is held.

Amount: $30,000 - $40,000

Date due: October 15, 2009

Applications and letters must be received by October 15. This is a submission/receipt deadline. It is the applicant's responsibility to verify that all materials arrived on time.

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Franklin Research Grants (American Philosophical Society)

Since 1933 the American Philosophical Society has awarded small grants to scholars in order to support the cost of research leading to publication in all areas of knowledge. The Franklin program is particularly designed to help meet the costs of travel to libraries and archives for research purposes; the purchase of microfilm, photocopies, or equivalent research materials; the costs associated with fieldwork; or laboratory research expenses.

Amount: $6,000

Date Due: October 1, 2009 for work February 2010 - December 2010; December 1, 2009 for work April 2010 - December 2010.

Applicants are expected to have a doctorate or to have published work of doctoral character and quality. Ph.D. candidates are not eligible to apply, but the Society is particularly interested in supporting the work of young scholars who have recently received the doctorate.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

History of Art Grants Program

Funded through the Samul H. Kress Foundation, the History of Art program supports scholarly projects that will enhance the appreciation and understanding of European art and architecture.

Amount: $100,000

Date due: October 15, 2009

Grants are awarded to projects that create and disseminate specialized knowledge, including archival projects, development and dissemination of scholarly databases, documentation projects, museum exhibitions and publications, photographic campaigns, scholarly catalogues and publications, and technical and scientific studies. Grants are also awarded for activities that permit art historians to share their expertise through international exchanges, professional meetings, conferences, symposia, consultations, the presentation of research, and other professional events.

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Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program

This program supports overseas projects in training, research, and curriculum development in modern foreign languages and area stuidies for groups of teachers, students, and faculty engaged in a common endeavor. Projects are short-term and include seminars, curriculum development, or group research or study.

Amount: $$90,000 for 12 months

Due: October 6, 2009

Projects must focus on one or more of the following geographic regions of the world: Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, the Western Hemisphere (Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean), East Central Europe and Eurasia, and the Near East.

There are two competitive preferences and one invitational priority. Competitive Preference 1 is for projects focusing on any of the 78 languages deemed critical on the U.S. Department of Education's list of Less Commonly Taught Languages (list within RFP). Competitive Preference 2 is for projects that develop and improve foreign language and/or area studies at elementary and secondary schools. Invitational Priority is for collaborative efforts between colleges and/or departments that provide pre-service traning for K-12 teachers in foreign languages and international area studies in teacher education programs.

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